Liati Wote, partner community and source of several Fresh from the Field products


Liati Wote

Partner community and source of several Fresh from the Field products

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More about Liati Wote

Liati Wote community

Liati Wote is a rural village and a popular community-based tourism destination located in the green Volta Region of Ghana. The village is situated at the foot of Ghana’s highest peak Mt. Afadjato, and within walking distance from the Tagbo Falls.

Liati Wote has a total population of about 600 people, mostly small-scale farmers. The village is situated in a forested area where oil palm, cacao, coffee, maize and rice are the main agricultural crops. The community is structured along the lines of traditional leadership, headed by a chief and his team of elders.

Liati Wote is a great example of a successful community-based tourism project and attracts both domestic and foreign tourists, mainly to climb the mountain and visit the Tagbo Falls. The way tourism is organised is pleasant, the villagers have a positive attitude towards visitors and the income generated from tourism directly benefits the whole community. It is an ideal place to witness daily life, meet local people and soak up the friendly atmosphere.

Our long relationship with Liati Wote

Liati Wote has been a partner village of Jolinaiko Eco Tours for many years, and we have a long-term, personal link with the people in the village. Over the years, we worked together on various development initiatives, putting the village on the map as a responsible travel destination and at the same time getting organised and creating all kinds of opportunities for everyone involved.

The Tagbo Falls Lodge

Liati Wote is where we like to take our guests to experience the real Ghana. We think the village is the perfect place to offer our guests in-depth cultural experiences and a chance to really enjoy the natural beauty of the Volta Region, and at the same time involve and encourage the community with responsible tourism.

After many years of visiting the community with our clients, we decided to build our Tagbo Falls Lodge here in Liati Wote. Previously, there was no mid-range tourist accommodation in the village. The availability of comfortable accommodation now makes it possible for visitors to stay longer and really explore and enjoy the village and its surroundings.

The lodge is serving as a springboard for many new local initiatives. Developing the lodge resulted in work for community members and triggers the eagerness of the villagers to engage further in the area of responsible tourism.

Philo is our chef of the Tagbo Falls Lodge. She is also happens make delicious hibiscus jam for Fresh from the Field.

Plastic waste project in Liati Wote

One of our environmental projects in Liati Wote is to help the community with tackling the plastic waste problem that comes with an increasing number of tourists.

With our NGO, the Stepping Stones for Africa Foundation we started a project to create awareness about the plastic waste and we are experimenting with ways to recycle plastic waste to usable products or souvenirs. As part of this project, waste bins were placed at strategic points along the hiking trails and in the community. Selected groups of people have been given the responsibility for the collection and storage of the plastic waste.

Together with local artists, several large wall paintings were made to create awareness about littering. The project also involves the Green Club, which has made environmental awareness part of the local school curriculum.

Our producers in Liati Wote

We would like to introduce you to our producers from Liati Wote, and their personal stories. You can also learn more about the way that their products are made.

Madugu, professinal beekeeper in Liati Wote, Ghana

Meet Madugu, the producer of our Forest Honey

Madugu is professional beekeeper in Liati Wote, a village in the Volta Region, Ghana.

“ We can only produce pure honey by keeping healthy bees. For that, we need to protect the environment. We have to find more responsible and holistic approaches to farming and forestry, so we create more healthy habitats for bees. ”

When you listen to Madugu, you realise why we chose him to supply us with his delicious honey. He is not only a professional beekeeper, an authority in beekeeping society in Ghana, but he is also passionate and concerned about protecting the environment and creating awareness about the dangers of deforestation.

Read Madugu's story
Philo, chef in the Tagbo Falls Lodge in Liati Wote, Ghana

Meet Philo Adzakor, the producer of our Hibiscus Jam

Philo is chef and manager of the Tagbo Falls Lodge in Liati Wote, Volta Region, Ghana

If you have ever visitited our Tagbo falls Lodge in Liati Wote, we don’t have to explain much about Philo’s Finest.

Philomina makes sure that Jolinaiko’s guests in the lodge feel right at home, and her cooking skills are widely recommended. So this is an opportunity to order some of her finest jams in case you are not able to travel to the Volta Region.

Read Philo's story
Patience Akator, producer of zomi (palm oil) in Liati Wote, Ghana

Meet Patience Akator, producer of our palm oil

Patience is one of the Wote Women producing Zomi in Liati Wote, a village in the Volta Region, Ghana.

“ I have been producing palm oil for over 20 years and I am very experienced. I use freshly harvested palm nuts direct from the farm, hand-picked and selected for the best and quality of oil. We are known for 100% pure and simply delicious zomi. ”

Patience Akator, 43 years and married with 4 children, is one of the women in Liati Wote who produces palm oil with a dedication to deliver a quality product.

Read the Wote Women's story

Our products from Liati Wote

Below are all our products from the Liati Wote community. We are just starting out and will be adding more products over time! Click on a product for more info, or on the photo of the producer to read their story.

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New Madugu's Forest Honey from Liati Wote, Volta Region, Ghana

Madugu's Madugu, beekeeper in Liati Wote, Volta Region, GhanaForest Honey — from Liati Wote

100% pure, rich and delicious honey from forest tree flowers. By buying this honey, you support beekeeper Madugu's drive to create awareness on deforestation.

500ml / 1 L plastic / 1 L glass 60 / 120 / 130 GHC
More info
New Philo's Hibiscus Jam from Liati Wote, Volta Region, Ghana

Philo's Philo, chef of the Tagbo Falls Lodge in Liati Wote, Volta Region, GhanaHibiscus Jam — from Liati Wote

A unique blend of natural ingredients by Jolinaiko Eco Tour's own Tagbo Falls Lodge chef Philomina. Delicious as a bread spread, in cakes, yoghurt and smoothies.

350ml 40 GHC
More info
New Nzema Women’s Coconut Oil from the Nzema, Ghana

Nzema Women’s The women from the Nzema, GhanaCoconut Oil — from the Nzema

100% natural, clear coconut oil for healthy cooking and body care. By buying this Coconut Oil, you support the families of the Nzema coastal communities.

1 L / 2.5 L / 6 L 70 / 175 / 320 GHC
More info
New Wote Women’s Zomi (palm oil) from Liati Wote, Ghana

Wote Women’s The Wote Women from Liati Wote, GhanaZomi (Palm Oil) — from Liati Wote

100% natural palm oil produced from hand-picked palm nuts. Perfect taste and thickness. By buying this Zomi, you support the women of Liati Wote.

1 L / 2.5 L / 4.5 L 50 / 125 / 230 GHC
More info

Customer reviews & Feedback

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The honey is really good, and the family appreciates it.

Cantoments, Accra

Very cool initiative. I particularly enjoyed the forest honey and hibiscus jam. Real and honest products with an exotic touch, especially the honey is something totally different than what you can normally get. Good luck with this!

Bas M.
via Facebook (translated)

The coconut oil is good. I just hope you will be able to get glass bottles for packaging.


I’ve searched for quality honey since the products in the market are diluted. Finally got my one stop quality honey! I will recommend it anywhere I find myself.


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  • Tagbo Falls Lodge, Liati Wote

    We run a little shop in our Tagbo Falls Lodge in Liati Wote, where Philo prepares her delicious jam. You also may be able to score something else such as pickles or potteries.

    The Tagbo Falls Lodge is located at the entrance of Liati Wote village, Volta Region.

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We are interested in taking back your plastic jars and bottles for us to re-use. We can also refill your 4.5 litre jerrycans of zomi and coconut oil. This would be easiest if you come to the Jolinaiko HQ in Amrahia (see pick-up locations). Please let us know if you have a large quantity of glass jars or bottles at home, as we are always interested to re-use these for our jams.

How sustainable is your packaging?

Ultimately, we strive towards supplying our products in sustainable and reusable packaging. At the moment we use glass jars and plastic bottles of different sizes. It is a challenge to find the right glass bottles, so as long as we are searching for a solution, we still sell some quantities of our honey, coconut oil and zomi in plastic. On request we can use recycled glass bottles. So kindly share your preference for recycled glass when you order. We aim to phase out most plastic as soon as possible.

How do you ensure good quality and hygienic standards?

We have solid relationships and partnerships with our suppliers, and we are personally familiar with their villages, families, homes and farms. This is essential to monitor basic quality standards.

As a new company, we started by having a basic agreement in place with all our suppliers on personal hygiene and sanitation during processing and packaging.

However, with our in-house knowledge about organic and sustainable certification in both agriculture (shea nut and shea butter processing) and tourism, and our strong values on integrity and sustainability, we are well aware that this is only just the beginning of quality control. Together with our suppliers we will keep working towards a solid, safe and sustainable supply chain as we grow.

Our aim is to have all our products tested and registered with the Ghana Standard Boards to ensure that official quality and safety standards are met.

Fresh from the field partners

Fresh from the field is made possible by:

  • Jolinaiko Eco Tours
  • Stepping Stones for Africa Foundation
  • Tagbo Falls Lodge, Liati Wote, Volta Region, Ghana
  • Jolinaiko Eco Tours
  • Stepping Stones for Africa Foundation
  • Tagbo Falls Lodge, Liati Wote, Volta Region, Ghana

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